Design Director

Aki-Ville Pöykiö

  • +358 40 5917871


This guy.

That’s probably said of Aki quite a bit in all the flavors of the rainbow.

There’s no but. No kind of. There is good and there is bad. There is management by perkele – and then there’s management by Pöykiö. His management skills may be dividing, but his effect is not. A real example of the phrase “pitääkö kaikki tehä vittu itte. (“must i fucking do everything my self?”” And then getting it done. This goddamn guy.

In addition, there’s much to like about Aki.

He’s a professional man with professional skills in leading, managing, ADing, removing – educating, and just making things shine.

Aki holds one University drop-out from Oulu and an MA in New Media from TAIK in 2006. Or then he doesn’t display correct information on his LinkedIn.

Aki also teaches and coaches various organisations about how and what they should be doing in digital, scoring high points among the attendants.

He knows his culture; food, wine, travel, parties, design, good company, music both played and listened, philosophy, watches – and to close observers, leaves the impression of a jetsetteresque lifestyle with touches of mundane beauty. He takes out the dog and loves it too.

Love him or hate him.

This fucking guy.

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