Service Designer

Heidi Tulensalo

  • +358 50 359 1736


Co-creation. Teamwork. Prototypes. Communication. Action.

Heidi looks at this world through the lenses of service design – one for the users and one for the business. For her, design is about thinking through the whole process, not just one part of the interaction. As a result she is a user-centered design enthusiast who loves bodystorming, brainstorming and any other storming related to ideating for wicked problems. She is fascinated by how the digital and physical worlds are coming together.

For this year Heidi has two prominent goals:
1) Create great digital experiences
2) Conquer the highest mountain of Austria

Both of these goals she believes to be reachable through teamwork – and having chocolate as a back-up plan.

Heidi holds a Master’s degree in Technology from Aalto University. She majored in Knowledge Intensive Business and Product Development. Previously, she has worked on creating VR/AR showrooms and IoT service concepts, developing digital services for the aggregates industry and building services for urban cyclists.

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