Service Design Lead

Marja Jaarinen


    Marja is an experienced service designer. Her role is to involve users throughout the design process; understanding user needs, expectations and motivation, and validating different approaches by testing service prototypes with them. In her opinion designer’s role is to enable and drive positive user experience; while people are not often able to separate the product, the service and the context. Service designer’s role is to ensure the whole trail of experience is positive.

    Marja holds a Master’s degree in Technology majoring in International Design Business Management. The program is multidisciplinary and focuses on innovation in product, service and business development.

    Marja has 15 years of experience in digital service development. Prior to joining Exove Design she worked for mobile operator managing the user experience of their online channel. Working on versatile projects on client side of the table has accumulated important experience and insight on how service design looks from company perspective. Previously Marja also has worked for several other digital design agencies.

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