Interaction designer

Markus Aranko

  • +358 40 570 1979


Markus first thought a career writing stuff would be great as a teenager. To that end he followed up school in Finland with a BA in English Literature at the University of Sheffield – which mostly served to point out that writing English was well-trod and hard-worked ground. Writing code, on the other hand, was full of promise, discovery and new rewards, so he rounded out his education with a MSc in Electronic Publishing at City University, London.

Moving back to Helsinki, he leveraged this dual toolkit of artist and technician to produce and develop interactive and entertaining e-learning content, first at Tieturi then at Prewise. A brief stint in New Zealand and the marketing industry during this time reminded him that a dynamic, ever-changing technical and client landscape – while exhausting – can serve to push skills and learning into new, exciting areas.

Joining Exove Design in 2014 and bringing a new technical capacity to their varied projects has continued that theme, and now he can be found equally at home brainstorming concepts with clients as leading development on websites and prototypes.

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