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Mehiläinen corporation is the most well known and appreciated private healthcare and social services provider in Finland. Their website gathers around two million visitors a year and is used to book doctors appointments and find information about illness. Our task was to redesign and implement the public site using Drupal in close co-operation with the customer’s marketing partner.

Mehiläinen came to us with a very clear set of goals from the get go:

Business. Increase the amount of online reservations.

Strategy. Refocus the online customer experience in a cross-browser environment.

Process. Minimise workload by designing a model that defines the rules for content creation with context in mind.


We applied service design methods to define user paths and scenarios. Prototypes and user testing were used to verify that our UI solutions were valid, before starting development. The project as a whole was run using agile methods which allowed our team to re-evaluate and further develop solutions during development.


The site was launched first as a beta version for Finnish, and later updated with all languages, new features and changes based on the beta feedback. Overall, the project was a significant undertaking due to the combination of several complex features like multiple languages, location and context awareness, integrations, and large amount of content.


The new site helps tens of thousands of customers daily by providing relevant information and quick way to book doctor’s appointment.

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Juha Jauhiainen

Juha Jauhiainen

Creative Director