Saku Sairanen

  • +358 40 592 6218


Saku often describes himself as the classic ‘jack-of-all-trades-and master-of-none’. After a very technical education (Master of Computer Science) Saku has worked in companies both huge (Hewlett-Packard) and not so huge (Small Planet). During his career Saku has worked in sales, marketing as well as technical positions. His passion lies in combining the understanding of organizations, businesses and solutions to help companies grow.

Currently Saku is in his dream job. He can use the whole spectrum of his experience when helping companies develop their digital services. A holistic approach which is nowadays often called ‘Service Design’ lies in the heart of the most efficient way of working towards this goal. Digital services can be used to support or implement any business process and every part of an organization can benefit from them. From the end-user perspective digital services are almost never a stand-alone service but a part of a bigger customer experience. To be able to develop relevant digital services, the people designing the services need to understand the end-users, business processes and KPIs of the service provider.

By combining the understanding and experience of tens of businesses/organizations to the possible digital solutions – Saku truly believes he can bring value to any customer together with his team.

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