Soila Oinonen



    Soila is a jack-of-all-trades designer, who has recently made a fluid transition into the sphere of digital design. Previously Soila has worked in a creative research consultancy, carrying out deep-dive user research and helping businesses develop their strategy based on understanding the user needs. She has in-depth experience in various fields of business – health care, media, construction and public transport among others.

    Soila holds a M.Sc in IT (Product Design) from University of Southern Denmark in addition to a BA in Industrial Design, which have given her an exotic mix of skills. Soila is just as comfortable doing hands-on prototyping in clay or electronics as immersing herself in the world of hardcore web analytics or sidestepping into futures research. You can pretty much throw any challenge at her and she’ll figure out a way of solving it. Go ahead, see if you can keep up!

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