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Are you interested in Sustainable Digitalisation? You’re in the right company. Building a future resilient, sustainable and accessible digital world is our shared goal.And have you heard of Sustinaires? You have now. Read on.

This blog is by our designer Katri Pakula. She has been actively contributing to Sustinaires and its first event tomorrow 28.2. in Helsinki.

Sustinaires collective for sustainability in digital world

Sustinaires is a cross-company collective of thinkers, professionals, and leaders from various tech companies and organisations united by a shared vision – a joint effort to enhance sustainability in technology and design. We envision a future where technology and design contribute to a thriving planet, and we commit to actively participating in creating this. There is more to hear of the network later, and we will gladly share information, but for now, let us tell you about what happens tomorrow.”

We at Exove Design, as designers always aiming to enhance future proof and accessible digital services, communication, concepts and more, are more than happy to contribute to something as meaningful as this.

Sustainable Digitalisation event 28.2.24  – see you there!

The first event from Sustinaires is to take place tomorrow and, I (Katri), personally, could not be more excited! I have put my energy to operations of this cross-company collective recently as much as I can, and have been inspired to see the great minds in action.

Hope to see you there!

The event is already fully booked, but do have a sneak peak of the agenda below and in Eventbright page. As the event is fully booked, do follow Sustinaires in LinkedIn to hear snapshots from the event and follow the next steps of the collective!

Hope to see many familiar and new faces in the event tomorrow!
– Katri

Cover image of Sustainable Digitalisation event

Sustainable Digitalisation -event

What’s the role of digitalisation in accelerating the sustainability transition?

Date and time: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 17:00 – 20:00 EET

Location: Innovation Home Kamppi 3 Kansakoulukatu 00100 Helsinki

Want to make digitalisation a more sustainable and more ambitious tool in the green transition? Good, so do we! That’s why we, individuals from a number of IT and digital development companies came together, and are here to accelerate the green transition with you! We’d like to welcome you to join us for an evening of inspiration and innovation as we dive deep into practical examples and inspiring talks about sustainable practices, digitalisation, and disruptive service development. This event brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and pioneering companies to discuss, collaborate, and drive change in the realm of sustainable digital development. Are you ready to gain insights about groundbreaking approaches that are reshaping the business landscape? Sign up and join the movement!

Agenda of Sustainable Digitalisation event

17.00 Welcome

17.10-18.00 Keynote speeches

  • Sustinaires & manifesto for making digitalisation sustainable
  • Disrupting service development: planet-centric design and development, Satu Heikinheimo, CEO and Founder, Planet Diplomats

18.00 Case presentations
Pioneering companies will share their journey and inspire us to think differently. Explore how these organisations have tackled challenges and created innovative solutions

Why transparency and sustainability has to be in the company’s dna.
Outi Korpilaakso, Founder and Creative Director, Lovia Oy

How to create a culture of sustainability and integrate it into new business development
Miika Ruissalo, Senior Business Designer, Elisa Oyj

How to design a digital solution that significantly reduces C02 emissions? Case: Saving emissions by Virtual Port Arrival
Eliisa Sarkkinen, Lead Service Designer at Siili Solutions
Sanna Vainionpää, Director of Domain Strategy, Head of Maritime at Siili Solutions

How VTT Design has used systems thinking to imagine a future without single use packaging
Kati Pihko, Senior Designer, VTT

19.05-19.30 Group discussions
A dynamic and insightful group discussion as we delve into the pivotal question: “What’s the role of digitalisation in accelerating the sustainability transition?”

20.00 Event ends

Why attend?

  • Networking opportunities: connect with professionals, experts, and enthusiasts who share your commitment to sustainability.
  • Key insights: gain valuable insights from keynote speeches and case presentations that will shape your perspective on sustainable digital development.
  • Inspiration: leave the event with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation to make a positive impact on our planet. Be part of a movement that is reshaping the future. Secure your spot at Sustainable Digitalisation event 28.2.2024 and join us in building a more sustainable and regenerative world.


Accessibility: Accessibility to the building is from the left side of the main entrance through the gateway to the courtyard. Use the orange door in the middle of the pathway. Use the doorphone to ring “IH Reception”. From the courtyard door you have access to the 1st floor lobby, 2nd and lower floors by elevator. Accessible toilet is located in the 1st floor lobby and -1st floor.

Who Sustinaires? We are a fast growing network of thinkers, professionals, and leaders from various tech companies and organisations united by a shared vision. We envision a future where technology and design contribute to a thriving planet, and we commit to actively participating in creating this.

The event is sponsored by Fraktio, Gofore, Nitor, Northcode and Vincit. Service Design Network Finland is making this event possible as a partner.


Written by

Katri Pakula

Katri Pakula



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