Taina Arjanmaa

  • taina@exovedesign.com


    Taina believes that in order for the users voice to be heard there needs to be concrete data to back it up. This is why she thrives when doing user research and aims for perfecting the knowledge behind every good idea. Services created are only good as long as they succeed in making the public happy. By means of co-creation, facilitative attitude, focus-groups and just trial and error everything is possible.

    Co-workers of the 11+ years past are from big and small companies including design agencies and ICT giants of the field. They thank Taina for unFinnish social courage, exceptionally good people skills, constant initiative, creative method toolbox, resilience, flexibility and reliability to get things done. They also have learnt that Taina likes to be hugged and is at her best when fed decent meals at regular intervals.

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