Interaction Designer

Teppo Meriläinen

  • +358 50 376 2083


    Once upon a time a few years ago, on a day just like any other Teppo just kind of appeared at the office and hasn’t left. Not that anyone would want him to either.

    He focuses on slick UI and front end development, and is so fast that someone coined the phrase “five minute job” as a way to describe the time it takes Teppo to get anything done.

    It’s not too far from the truth.

    Of course speed isn’t his only valuable asset. Teppo is also kind and good spirited, a great singer and has a good/crazy sense of humor and patterned shirts. Insidentally, he´s also the vocalist in an internationally noted big wave band.

    Customers love him and his style.

    Teppo is also the main contributor and protagonist of upcoming major culinary bi-monthly “Teppo’s Food blog” where he reviews the world of eating.

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