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Start with the problem. Know the users. Do experiments. Test your ideas. Improve continuously. That is our recipe for designing successful services.

Following a certain framework of problem solving enables our designers to think creatively and come up with innovative yet feasible solutions. This is our approach:



Our design process begins with understanding the business challenge at hand, along with relevant user needs, expectations and motivations.

Before we design anything, it is important that we understand the big picture and focus on getting insight on the problem that needs to be solved. We want our work to be based on facts, not on making guesses.

We use various tools and techniques to help businesses find new sources of value and to get to know their customers. In order to understand, we need to ask and observe. We can conduct in-depth ethnographic research or apply lighter forms of research to discover user needs, but getting out of the office and talking to people is the first step. Simply by observing and interviewing we already get instant feedback and useful insights on potential users’ life and goals. We believe that listening to people is key to designing better services.


After we have a good understanding of both business needs and user needs, we focus on forming the synthesis of these findings. We analyse the user needs and align the with the business objectives and define the area or areas to be focused on.

This is how we find the sweet spots that create value to both the users and the business.

At this point we need to step into the users’ shoes. Creating user personas is a great starting point for the ideation process as it helps the designers to empathise with the users and communicate their needs with the whole team. User journeys and scenarios complement to personas providing information on how users behave, what kind of information and services they need, and for instance, how they feel in different phases of their customer lifecycle.



In the ideation phase we try to come up with multiple possible solutions to the problems at hand. We brainstorm ideas and approaches, and finally combine those into to a concept. Concept creation ideally happens in multidisciplinary teams; co-creation workshops with clients or users, or teams consisting of people from various backgrounds representing multiple points of view.


Test & implement

Concept validation is an important phase in the design process. We visualise the concept as prototypes and test them with real end users. With the help of user feedback we can choose the right approach that works and inspires the users. After concept validation, designers finalise the user interface design and visual design. During implementation designers work in close co-operation with the technical development team to ensure top notch quality and user experience.



After launch we analyse how the service performs and make corrections and improvements accordingly. It important for us to work closely with our clients, and to ensure continuous development. Because let’s face it; a service is never ready!


Written by

Marja Jaarinen

Marja Jaarinen

Service Design Lead


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